About A Mahaveer Enterprises / ERIA – The Jewellery Boutique

The Foundation of ERIA- The Jewellery Boutique / A Mahaveer Enterprises can be dated back from back to November 2016 when Mr. Akshay Khatod after completing his MBA ( Major Marketing ) from MDIS Singapore decided to head back to chennai and start his own jewellery brand Line ERIA under the guidance of Mr.Rajendrakumar. Mr Rajendra Kumar owns a Jewellery store by the name of MAHAVEER GOLD HOUSE situated at 101, Karuneegar street, Adambakkam, Chennai – 600088 and Mr. Akshay learned about the business and its operations and after gaining a certain level of knowledge and trust among customers decided to start his jewellery brand ERIA. With the expertise and excellent client response and massive support from his social media pages on facebook, instagram , snapchat and many more, Mr. Akshay went to establish his first offline boutique under the name of ERIA - The Jewellery Boutique at Level 1 of Mahaveer Gold House on March 3 2017.

The idea of creating a brand that meets the needs of the youth backed by a variety of eye-catching designs and reaching them through technology was a thought of Akshay Kumar Khatod, son of Mr. Rajendra Kumar Khatod. WIth This thought and vision of Mr. Akshay helped him to flourish a different line of jewellery business. Mr. Akshay along with the guidance of his father would connect with the clients in marketing his products and sales of the products under the brand name of ERIA. He would understand the needs of his clients and would provide them with the finest handcrafted jewellery. Mr Rajendra Kumar then started understanding the thought process and believed that Akshay could change his business techniques and believed in his long term vision of brand building of ERIA.

ERIA is a Jewellery Brand with a motto to meet the Jewellery requirements of the younger generation backed by extensive purchasing behaviour. The Full Form of ERIA is Energetic and Realistic Infusion of Art in jewellery meaning we use the required craftsmanship and energy in creating a reality jewellery of your desire.